Hello Pal – Learn to speak another language in minutes

Hello Pal is a social language learning app. The main premise of Hello Pal app focuses on language learning from actually speaking (and with real people online) rather than repetitious learning. In time you will ultimately start learning as you use the various tools of the app to chat with others. These tools are a unique combination of phrasebooks and translation features.

Hello Pal App

Start by creating a profile. Thereafter setup, you are greeted with friends or ‘pals’ also using the app. It is suggested that you filter this list to those more suitable to your match needs. For example, I sought folks who spoke French since I plan to visit Paris soon. You can filter by language, nationality, location, age group, sex and recent activity. You can chat with anyone in various ways; by text, by voice translation, send photos and more. Here resides the power of the app.

Hello Pal Chats

Typing text has a feature to allow you to send in your native written language or have it translated. Or you can press and hold the record button to send you audible phrases to a person. Then there are Phrasebook sayings you can browse or search for common foreign dialogue. These include basics like greetings, typical responses, small talk, travel related, and more.

Once you find an appropriate phrase you can expand it and tap to hear it spoken in clear dialects. Tap it again and it is spoken slower to hear all pronunciations (often you can hear in both male and female voices.) When you have grasped how to say the phrase, tap and hold the record button and say it. You have a chance to review and either approve or retry the statement before sending. On the chat screen you can playback your saying and get the translation of what you said.

My only gripe in the app is when you receive a text-only response already in a foreign language, it would be great if you could playback an audible phrase. This addition would be great to reinforce learning to actually hear how the person speaking to you- said a response. However, it only offers the text translation so you understand what they said.

Furthermore, under the Discovery section are options to connect with more pals on Facebook & Google+, download language packs, review tutorials & tips, plus quick articles on learning various languages.

Hello Pal is loaded with features. It focuses on simply diving in and speaking to others right away. Will you make mistakes… most certainly. The clear audio phrasebook of predetermined sayings along with other translation tools and real-time social aspect are all apart of power of this language learning app. I highly recommend you download it and get started today!