SmartNews: News Aggregation App

“Content is King,” and quite evident in SmartNews app. It brings together the top news for you in several categories such as; Top, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, U.S., World, Business, Tech, Science, Buzz, plus Social feeds by connecting your Twitter account. These are aggregated from some of the world’s top news outlets including; CNN, Fox News, The Huffington Post, USAToday, Quartz, The Verge, New York Times, CNET, Washington Post, TechCrunch and more. You can add more sources with ease in the last tab to the top right, however, I noticed you cannot add any resource of your choice (say this site!) You must choose from pre-vetted content, which is an awesome line-up I must add.

SmartNews App

The main premise of the app aims to eliminate much of the “noise” we experience when reading online resources… and that’s ads. It filters only the text to consume in a highly readable format. This in turn allows for faster loading times which is why you can have the option to tap the “Smartview” button for near instant loading- plus the app offers offline reading of content. *When it works well you get a clean elegant reading experience. However, when it doesn’t work well you are missing the experience as the content is missing…

content missing

Some online resources or some content does not translate well in the Smartview. As seen above, this Vanity Fair article completely excluded the article in my experience. There have been other articles which have a photo slideshow and of course the filtered view cannot pull in all the photos. I found this hit and miss of filtered content to happen in my evaluation more often than I would expect.

Other ancillary features include news notifications for breaking and top of the morning alerts. You can share stories of course. Plus it looks great on a tablet as well.

SmartNews has the intelligence to aggregate trending news from a variety of sources for you. When working well, Smartview feature allows for faster and easier reading experience of the story, plus you can read articles offline. Head to Google Play or the App Store to download it now.